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THE CONRAD GROUP offers a host of services ranging from marketing, team building, human resources, competitive analysis and corporate strategy. We view our work in a sequence of phases – entry, contracting, diagnosis, data collection, feedback and implementation. Just as we, as individuals, encounter problems and seek out a solution from our family and friends, Companies and public service entities are no different – especially when facing important and often-times complex decisions. Conrad Group provides an outsider’s perspective which can provide a fresh perspective and solution to a Company’s challenges. Instead of writing slick reports that often go unread and unimplemented, we take a hands-on approach. We get to know your business, we get to know your staff, we arrive at an analysis and then proceed to implementation.

Case Studies


Problem: They had limited resources and were attempting to obtain government approval for their products in numerous jurisdications simultaneously. This approach was not only beyond their grasp financially, but lacked a strategy for sales distribution.

Solution: We advised them to focus on one jurisdication at a time, to establish a relationship with a well-reputed distributor and to focus on generating current income which would fund the cost of entering additional jurisdictions. We furthermore advised the client to select a high profile customer that would receive free product in exchange for a testimonial.

Result: The client obtained government approval in one jurisdiction, started generating positive cash-flow and ultimately used this cash flow to enter additional markets


Problem: They saw their product as having a single type of customer which limited their market. Furthermore, the CEO who was the Company’s software developer, was splitting his time between product development and sales presentation.

Solution: We showed them that with certain modifications, their product could serve multiple markets. The CEO agreed to retain the services of a marketing organization whose sole focus was to sell product, enabling them to focus on their strengths while the CEO could focus on his.

Result: The client modified his software and is now servicing multiple markets, thereby increasing his cashflow.


Problem: The owner of several run-down office buildings had excessive vacancies and he didn’t know what to do with the buildings.

Solution: We suggested that he renovate these buildings into micro-sized apartments, a market with pent-up demand and where the rental rates per square foot were higher than what was achievable from conventional apartments.

Result: The client turned his run-down office buildings into micro-sized apartments. Because the nominal rental rates are lower than other options, he receives more than 100 replies from each ad that he places. He operates consistently with a 100% occupancy rate.

We Solve Problems

If there is a problem keeping you up at night and you need help unblocking it from interfering with your stated goals, give us a call.

We Implement Solutions

Instead of writing lengthy reports that oftentimes go unread, we analyze problems and implement solutions.

Forward Thinking

We teach clients how to diagnose and resolve problems in the future.


Your Company is unique and requires a unique solution. Call us at (310) 691-5960 or better yet, schedule an appointment for a FREE 30-minute consultation at a time that is convenient for you. Tell us what is keeping you up at night and we will revert to you with a plan of action.