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Ian Renner

Senior Strategist

Many consultants write lengthy reports based on the problems outlined by upper management. Oftentimes the reports go unread and the proposed solutions are not implemented. This is not how we work. We study the problems outlined by upper management but study the organization holistically and look to connect the dots that may explain the cause of the stated problem but may also uncover other problems requiring a solution. Depending upon the engagement we may either provide the advice and/or lead the organization through the implementation of the solutions. We call in associates when required such as an IT expert. We work with clients that are small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s).

I would describe myself as a lateral thinker with a strong creative bent. In a prior position, I was a Director of a real estate development and property management firm. There I was given the challenge of figuring out what to do with a number of run-down Class C office buildings. With the lack of affordable housing I conceived the idea of gutting the buildings and turning the space into micro-sized apartments. The income generated from each apartment on a per square foot basis was considerably higher than that of nearby traditional apartments. At the time I began this, micro-sized housing was not a concept either understood or utilised in the western hemisphere. In fact, I had never heard of the concept before I came up with it. Now it is quite common to hear about micro-sized houses and apartments.

In a previous position I managed a portfolio of commercial and residential properties. I increased income by utilising unused space, thereby creating greater asset value. Prior to this I was the Fund Manager for a hedge fund where I raised the initial capital and then doubled the asset value within three years. For my entire CV, please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-renner-046855b5/

James Connolly

Team Builder

My specialization is team building and leadership development. We help workers, managers and executives see their unlimited potential both individually as well as part of a collective team and then show them how to apply that potential within the workplace. We create fun and engaging events. Our flagship program, Corporate Culinary Challenge, uses food and cooking to teach your group how to work together as a cohesive unit and to understand its full potential as a team.

My newest book and leadership program is called “I Lead: When Will It Be Your Time to Cut Down the Net?”.  We come to you – to your off-site conferences and executive retreats. Our programs include human resource training, increasing sales, team building, organizational leadership development, team coaching, diversity training, leadership storytelling, effective communication training and leadership coaching development.

In summary, we help your organization’s greatest asset, your people, to become world-class teams through our cooking team building process with the ultimate goal of maximizing your productivity and increasing your profitability. In a prior position I was Partner and Executive Chef of a French-Swiss Zagot-rated restaurant and cooking school. My responsibilities ranged from being a culinary teacher to special event sales, marketing and I oversaw all menu, food and kitchen production. For my entire CV, please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimconnolly1/

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